Aching Abs

That title is no joke. My abdomen is so sore today. Like I literally have a constant ache that is not letting up. Not sure if I’m going to go to the gym today. I might just play it by ear and see how I feel later. Even just a small amount of time on the treadmill or elliptical might be good and I would also like to weigh myself again.

So I ended up working a double shift at work. Which isn’t so bad really, but I didn’t go to the gym and I am now about to do my blogilates videos very late. I’m also not going to do today’s yoga because it very long and I don’t have too much time before I’ll have to sleep again so I can go to work again tomorrow.

Exercise Log:

First was 10 burpees… I hate burpees and I don’t think I need to say anything else. The next video was Fat Burning Cardio Warmup. I really love this workout. I have done it before and even though I was pretty exhausted starting out I did really enjoy it. After that was beginner’s inner thighs. Because I have been on my feet since 10.30 this morning, this was difficult for me tonight. My legs were just not co-operating so I did my best but it wasn’t perfect by any means. Lastly was How to do a Headstand. This I cannot do. As soon as I start to bring my legs close I start to feel really light headed and I don’t know if that’s because I’m tired or something else. Overall I’m glad I did something but I am now wrecked.

Food Log:

I had a coffee first thing when I got up. That was followed by porridge made with skimmed milk , cinnamon, honey and topped with 2 pears. My lunch was couscous, orange pepper, beetroot, feta, mint and pumpkin seeds, and Dinner was Rice noodles with tofu mince and stirfried vegetable. All I’m planning to have before bed is some diluted squash.


Cinema Date Night!!

To my surprise, my abs actually do not feel that awful today. I’m starting work late so I’m planning on getting my workouts in before I go. As the title suggests, Me and my SO are having date night tonight. So I’ll be going out for dinner and then to the cinema after work. Maybe not the healthiest of days but you gotta life right? I don’t want to come home at 10/11pm and realise that I have workouts to do sooooo morning working out it is.

So the cinema didn’t happen. Both of us were just too tired but that is the beauty of compromise. So instead we went for burritos and then for tea and dessert in this little out of the way cafe and played chess. I did lose both the games we played though. :/ Honestly I don’t need much to make a date night special. For me it’s more about spending some time together in the middle of the week, even if the two of us are ¬†wrecked. Also didn’t help that my brain was all over the place. Damn pill break week!! I always have a day like this where I get overly emotional.

Exercise Log:

So the first thing I did was a 30 second plank. Planks have never been something I have been good at but I got through it none the less and of course 30 seconds really isn’t that much. Next was the bubble butt workout which is nice and easy while still making you feel every move. Like nothing too difficult but it doesn’t feel like you are doing nothing. The second video for today was Total Body Pilates with Ana Caban and that one also contains moves that are simple but make you feel it afterwards. I finished up with 30 Days of Yoga day 6: Six Pack Abs. This one I found challenging and I don’t know if that’s because I already did ab work in the total body pilates video or just I’m not strong enough for those moves yet but I did my best and I have sore abs yet again. ūüėõ

Food Log:

A coffee to start off the morning, soon followed by 35g of porridge oats cooked with low fat milk, cinnamon and topped with an apple, a pear and honey. Seriously the pears I got are actually super good. They have this amazing texture that was just perfect and I couldn’t not share. Lunch was couscous with yellow pepper, beetroot, mint, feta and toasted pumpkin seeds, with a cranberry green tea. Then dinner was a whole wheat wrap with rice, mixed veg, chicken, sour cream and cheese and sparkling water. I had two pots of mood boosting herbal tea and a small slice of rocky road.

Back to Work

So after being off for a week and a half it’s time to get back to work. It was so dark when I woke up this morning, it’s like winter has already set in. I’m also sure that outside is super cold too. Oh well time to get on with it!!

Finally got a chance to weigh myself today and while I have gone up to 82.6kgs, to be honest I was expecting much more due to my inactivity over the last week or so and I was only eating so-so. That keeps my BMI at 30.3% but I’m now more motivated to stick to this plan and get into a routine.

Exercise Log:

Started off my morning with 10 sit ups from day 2 of the Blogilates beginners calendar. Then after work I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill at 2% escalation and 3.5 mph for 25 minutes. My fitbit recorded 192 kcals burned. When I got home I did the two blogilate videos for today: Pop Pilates for Beginners: Ab time and 10 minute ab sculpting workout. Then I finished with 30 days of Yoga day 5: Feel Alive Flow. The ab videos were super tough and I have no doubt that I will feel it tomorrow but I got through everything and I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

Food Log:

As per usual I had a coffee as soon as I got up. Breakfast was 35gs of oats with low fat milk, cinnamon, honey and 2 apples. Lunch was a sandwich from tesco which came in at 396 kcals and a sparkling water. No snacks today so far and dinner is rice noodles, tofu scramble and stirfried carrots, chinese cabbage, bok choy and chili. Night time snacks where strawberry green tea and minstrels. Honestly I really wanted chocolate last night and I resisted So I feel like a small treat is okay today.

Well, isn’t this familiar…

Hey guys,

Yeah it’s me and yeah I’m back. Honestly I don’t really know what happened. Well I suppose that’s not really true. Life happened. Life always happens but after reading over A LOT of my last posts I realise why these blogs are important to me.

It’s a record I can look back on and remember all the things I did. The biggest example of this was my post about my anniversary with my SO. We are another half a year (or so) down the line from that and I still feel the same way but I love being able to read that and remember just how I felt in that moment.

So before anything else here is a list of things that have happened since we last spoke:

  • I finished my book and someone has even read it (and liked it).
  • I finished and passed that TEFL course.
  • I tried and gave up on slimming world.
  • My eating and exercising has been a little offtrack

I know that doesn’t seem like much but they are the main things. Which brings me to now and the realisation that I need to get back on track with working out and eating well.

And how do I plan to do that? Well, I’ll tell you. I am starting by jumping back on the Blogilates bandwagon and doing the beginners 2.0 calendar. I used to be very in to pop pilates and in many ways it started my fitness journey way back when I was steadily gaining weight during college. So I’m going back to basics as it were and starting again.

As it stands now, I am back in my own house after being at my parents house for a week. At my last weigh in (on 19/09/16) I was 82.5 kgs. But I didn’t want to wait until I get to the gym tomorrow to start this so that’s going to be used at my “current” weight for now. I am also going to take my current measurements which I will add in at the end of this post.

As well as joining Cassie everyday I am also going to be aiming to do more yoga by following Yoga with Adriene. This is my favourite youtube channel for yoga, mostly because I love Adriene’s philosophy of finding what feels good. As someone who has only ever done yoga in the privacy of my own home I love that she encourages you to find what works for you instead of attempting to do all the things perfectly. Listening to your own body is the most important thing when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and I want to do much more of that.

Exercise Log:

So today I only did the first day of the Blogilates Beginner Calendar 2.0, which was just Pop Pilates for Beginners: Total Body Workout. It was tough but 28 minutes of anything will be, especially at the beginning but to be honest it was doable and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I really should have done some yoga but it’s late and I’m really not up for it tonight.

Food Log:

I had a coffee as soon as I got up and this was followed by 35g of oats with low fat milk, cinnamon and honey. Before lunch I had a strawberry green tea, even though I really wanted to snack. Lunch was carrot and coriander soup with a spelt bap. I had another strawberry green tea and a mushroom cup a soup before dinner. Dinner was a whole grain breaded chicken breast, broccoli and a baked potato with mayo and some cheese.

Measurements: (03/10/16)

Biceps: 11.5 inch each

Bust: 41 inch

Waist: 35 inch

Hips: 41.5 inch

Thighs: 23 inch each

Back to business!!

So after a super busy weekend and just week in general I got back to the gym today. Might have forgotten to weight myself though but more on that later. First off I have been getting compliments and by that I mean friends have said that they think I’m looking great. Now I might have ruined that this weekend with steak and chocolate and caramel popcorn but work Saturday was just so stressful that I needed chocolate… ugh retail.. anyway with all that in mind I am ready for a good week with at least 3 gym days planned because I have started the buzzfeed six week weightlifting program. Today was my first day and despite it being intense and feeling good about working out I did hurt my knee.


Today could have been better but also a whole lot worse. I have decided that I’m going to do the special K challenge. While this isn’t something that is prevalent at the moment it it easy and most importantly cheap. Basically what you do is have cereal for 2 meals and something normal for the third meal and you can also snack around that too if needs be. While this might not be the most balanced diet in the world I have been taking a multivitamin and trying to have varied foods as my normal meal so I’m staying as healthy as I can.

So because I have my SO over this morning, I got up late and we went for lunch. I have a panini with chicken, ham, stuffing, cheese and mayo with a bowl of vegetable soup. Then after work and the gym I had my cereal and a muller light yogurt in peanut and caramel flavour. And that is it. I am typing this at about 9pm and I am planning to sleep soon without eating anything else.


So I started the Buzzfeed six week weight lifting beginner challenge. So day one was as follows!

3 sets of 10 Goblet squats with 15 lb dumbbell

3 sets of 10 each arm, one arm bent over rows with 15 lb dumbbell

3 sets of 20 back lunges with 2 x 8 lb dumbbells

3 sets of 20 alternate floor presses with 2 8lb dumbbells

3 sets of 20 single leg deadlifts with 2 x 8lb dumbbells

3 sets of 20 curl to presses with 2 x 8lb dumbbells

3 sets of 20 side lunges with a 8lb dumbbell

3 sets of 20 windmills with a 8lb dumbbell

3 sets of 10 bent over reverse flys with 2 x 8lb dumbbell

I was planning to go on a run as well but the back lunges hurt one of my knees and I didn’t want to chance hurting it more… so I just walked home instead of getting the bus back like I usually do.

That is all for today!

My long weekend!

I know that it has been a couple of days since I updated and that was just due to me enjoying the long weekend with my boyfriend as it was out anniversary!

I honestly cannot believe it has been a whole 2 years already. I really don’t want to make this a gushy post so I’ll keep it short. This guy is amazing. I have never felt so comfortable with a person before and even though we spent the majority of the weekend doing separate things, it was just wonderful being around him. We are also going to see Civil War tomorrow so that should be awesome!

As for food, well I haven’t eaten great the last few days but my cheat days are the days I spend with my boyfriend and similarly I have done very little exercise.

Not a very exciting update but I didn’t want to go another day without posting!

Finally a great day!!!!

I think I mentioned yesterday that I was looking forward to today. Basically I spend my day (after work) with my writing group. We talked and wrote and it was just great! Finally I’m at the end of a day and I am not rushing to make it end. Not much else so day if I’m honest but I’ll still go through my food for today.

As per usual, breakfast was a bowl of Special K Nourish with skimmed milk and I also had some coffee. My afternoon snack was a maltesers bunny (which a customer gave me), some arizona grape iced tea (which was amazing) and a pizza combo pretzel snack. Lunch was a Vanilla Bean Macchiato with soy milk and a Caesar chicken wrap from Starbucks. I also had a chocolate pencil in celebration of doing so much writing all this month. Dinner was a savory crepe with chicken, mushrooms and cheese with a cup of tea.

While I feel like this was a bad food day, I had a great day and I so enjoyed being with such like minded people.

Making this a better day!

So I’m going to make today better than yesterday. Not quite sure how yet; my morning has been fairly standard. I have done a little Japanese study and caught up on youtube so now, after finishing my coffee, I’m going to have a bowl of Special K Nourish with skimmed milk!

So the rest of my day was fine I guess. Work was pretty busy and afterwards I snacked on cashews and raisins. Then I went to the gym and did a 31 minute interval run; burning 295 kcal. I weighed myself at the gym and came in at 81kgs (so down .3 kgs). Lunch was tomato rice with a tin of tuna chunks. Then for dinner I had an assortment of veggie patties (cauliflower cheese, mushroom risotto and a veggie quarter pounder). I have also had two cups of tea and some cheddar cheese. Overall not awful.

Played some cluedo, studied some Japanese and wrote over 1000 words. I mean I feel better than yesterday but not by much. Tomorrow should be fun though and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Being Critisised

Today was difficult… I had my review for work, which ended up being twice as long as it was supposed to be. This basically consisted of me having to say all the things I don’t do great and talking about how I can make them better. It wasn’t awful but it just made me feel not so good about the job that I’m doing.. I thought it was something I was really go at when in reality I’m super good at one aspect but the others, not so much. So I am supposed to try and improve on the other stuff while keeping up my other superness… Again it wasn’t awful but it put me on a real downer.

So then my landlady asked me over for boardgames with some of her co-workers and I went to that and it was fine until we played 30 seconds and I got put with this super competitive girl and after every round she would just slay me on anything I didn’t know. Like to the point where when I was leaving people were asking if I was alright.

So my food has pretty much followed the pattern of my day. For breakfast I had a coffee and a bowl of special K nourish with low fat milk. After work I had some cashews and raisins. Because I wasn’t feeling great about life I treated myself to a starbucks lunch of croque monsieur (the pesto chicken one) and a Soy Vanilla Bean Macchiato. Once I got home I napped and then had dinner at my landlady’s house so that was some carrots, veggie filled mac and cheese, a burger, some mushrooms and onions and some garlic bread. I also had some sparkling water with elderflower cordial. Then she made dessert of ice cream with a mini muffin, a twix bar and topped with a kahlua chocolate sauce.

I was planning to go to the gym but I really didn’t feel up to it. I did do all my writing and Japanese practise though so not a complete waste of a day. Here’s to a better tomorrow and I’m going to have hot milk before bed.

Have to at least try and be productive!

So I am off today and it is the perfect opportunity for me to actually be productive. It’s currently 1pm and I have done my allotted writing and I still need to do some Japanese and then do at least the first unit of my Tefl course. So that it pretty much my plan for the day and once I have been productive I think I will probably watch anime and game for a bit. I’m planning to go to the gym for the next two days so I’m taking today off. My arms are kind of sore from my gymming yesterday though so I think a rest is needed.

I’ve been looking up about Slimming World and how people found their plans and I don’t think it’s something I am going to start. On the other hand though I love the sound of some of their recipes so I might try some of them out. Just to clarify though, it’s not that I don’t think the slimming world plan is great because it does seem pretty sound and I know that my Aunt had lost a tonne of weight on the program and she loves it. But I still don’t like the idea of counting Syns… Now I was tempted to get it a go and then I watched a video explaining how to follow the plan and the girl mentioned that the idea is to not have any fat. Even your Healthy Extras should be low- fat. I have never found that cutting out fat has been effective¬†for me. Plus they seem to want you to cook everything in cooking spray and that just doesn’t sound healthy to me. I would rather use real oil or the natural fat in meat than spraying everything with chemicals.

With that said now to talk about what I’ve eaten today. For breakfast I had a bowl of special K nourish with low fat milk. About an hour later I had a coffee. Lunch was the tesco thai chicken soup. I know there¬†is two servings in the container but I just had the whole container for lunch. About an hour before dinner I have another black coffee. Dinner was a little over board as I had a variety of tesco meat free patties; cauliflower grill, mushroom risotto bake and a veggie quarter pounder. They were all delicious but I’m definitely going to have to have less in the future. I did snack on what I wanted to be chocolate popcorn but the chocolate ceased on me so I ended up with plain popcorn with chocolate clumps.

A very lazy day but in hindsight it was productive where it needed to be and I just need to start eating a little better.